Shasta Bike Challenge 2016 Results

The 2016 Shasta Bike Challenge brought together 460 participants surpassing the previous 2015 bike challenge (441 participants). With the challenge running 3-weeks instead of 2-weeks, our Local Challenge rode a combined 60,463 miles, being our highest miles ever ridden in the history of our local bike challenge. Not only did we ride more miles, we logged 3,603 trips making this the most active bike challenge yet (1,962 trips in 2015). On average, 171 people a day from Shasta County were out riding their bike in the Shasta Bike Challenge for transportation or just for fun (no wonder they call it Bike Month)!
The fun didn't stop there. We had 55 individual winners who were randomly selected in our prize raffle for riding in the Shasta Bike Challenge! Check out the prizes and winners as well as the final results. We would like to give a huge thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers who truly make Bike Month something special in our local community.

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