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Bicycle commuting can be a great way to save money, stay fit, fight pollution, and enjoy your commute. Many trips that are less than 3 miles may even take less time by bike than driving!

I've never commuted by bike...where do I start?

  • Make sure your bicycle is in good working condition (check tire pressure, brakes, etc).
  • Use a well-fitted helmet that covers your forehead and wear it buckled.
  • Decide how you will carry anything you need to bring with you. Many people use a rack on the front or back of their bicycle, pannier bags, or a backpack. Some people drive to work early in the week and leave extra clothes, food, or items for the week, then commute by bike on other days.
  • Know where you can park your bike securely (indoors or out) and bring a good bike lock.
  • Charge your lights and make sure they are working if any of your commute will be in the dark.
  • Choose a good route. The route you take by bike may be different than the route you take by car. Take traffic, vehicle speeds, road condition, shortcuts and trails, and hills into account.

Take a look at the following tips before heading out on the road: 


Resources for bicycle commuting

Plan your route

  • Check out the Bike Redding Map to plan your route.
  • Or explore local trail maps to use trails to get where you want to go.
  • Did you know that the Sacramento River Trail provides a paved non-motorized route from Dana Drive/Hilltop all the way to Shasta Dam, with connections to Bechelli Lane, Benton, Old Shasta, and many neighborhoods and parks in between?

Resources for Team Captains

Get Involved Beyond Bike Month

  • Continue to ride a bike for fun and transportation!
  • Subscribe to Bicycling and Walking News (see green box on left side of screen) - It comes by email about every other month from Healthy Shasta and the Shasta Cascade Bicycle Coalition.
  • The Shasta Cascade Bicycle Coalition encourages bicycling for recreation and transportation and advocates for a safe and connecting system of bikeways on trails and streets. Activities include providing input to local jurisdictions on bicycle related issues, pulling together the voices of various types of bicyclists, and bike month activities such as the Bike Commute Challenge. For more information, to bring an issue to the group's attention, or to get involved, call 945-2176.
  • Check out local recreation and bicycling clubs in the area at Recreation Groups.
  • If you see a problem (or something you really like!) with a trail, road, or intersection in Redding, let the city know at Service Request.


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