Healthy Worksites

Fit Business Kit

The Network for a Healthy California's Fit Business Kit is now available online. The kit was designed to help employers and employees improve their health by increasing physical activity at work as well as fruit and vegetable consumption. It includes 10 tools to help employers develop a workplace culture and environment that supports these goals. The tools can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive worksite wellness program. The Fit Business Kit can help decrease health care costs and absenteeism and improve health, morale and productivity. Free copies of the materials can be downloaded and printed from the Take Action website and/or the Fit Business Kit website.

Healthier Worksite Initiative

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) developed the Healthier Worksite Initiative (HWI) for its own employees with the vision of making CDC a work site where "healthy choices are easy choices," and sharing the "lessons learned" with other federal agencies. Planners at non-government workplaces may also find this site useful in generating ideas for workforce health promotion in their organizations. The Healthier Worksite Initiative provides information, resources, and step-by-step toolkits to help improve employee health.

One of the many useful resources provided by the Healthier Worksite Initiative is the Healthy Hospital Practice to Practice Series. This series presents case studies of hospitals improving their environments to better support the health of their employees and embody the mission of their organization.

Worksite Wellness Champions

Shasta County is full of Wellness Champions. Check out Healthy Shasta's partners who are Wellness Champions.