Healthy Shasta envisions communities where people walk and bike more, are frequently physically active as a family, value healthy food, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Below are some samples of our media efforts aimed at achieving these goals by raising awareness and encouraging healthy behaviors.

Kohl’s Cares for Kids

Kohl’s believes in giving back to the communities they serve. Through their community giving and volunteer program, they support kids' health and education initiatives in communities nationwide. Since 2009, the local Kohl’s Cares funding has been awarded to Mercy Medical Center which generously confers the funds to Healthy Shasta to use for media efforts which encourage healthy, active lifestyles.



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This is one food fight you really need to win.
Getting your kids to eat healthy isn't always easy, but it's worth it. Eating more fruits and vegetables and getting 30-60 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week can help prevent obesity-related diseases like type 2 diabetes...

All in favor of healthy kids... walk this way.
It's true, small steps make a huge difference! Walking at least 30 minutes a day improves health, increases energy and even makes you feel good. And if done as a family, actually increases the chance of talking with your kids. So take a step in a healthy direction...

Let's all be action heroes.
Did you know that horsing around with your children outside does a world of good inside? It improves energy, makes you feel good, and along with eating fruits and vegetables, can reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. So be an action hero with your kids. Get out and play for at least 30 minutes a day...

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Press Releases

Get the latest news about Healthy Shasta by reading our press releases!

10/06/2014 - Shasta County Schools to Celebrate Walk to School Day
06/03/2014 - Bike Month Results 2014
06/03/2014 - CAL FIRE Triumphs in Bike Challenge
05/13/2014 - Just In Time for Bike Everywhere Friday
04/30/2014 - Bike Month Brings New Events
04/16/2014 - Join the Bike Challenge
04/15/2014 - Shasta County Schools to Celebrate Bike to School Day
03/11/2014 - Helmets and Training Available for Bike to School Day
10/22/2013 - Funding Awarded to Improve School Meals and Cafeteria Atmospheres
10/02/2013 - Shasta County Schools Celebrate Walk to School Day
08/16/2013 - Safety Kits and Prizes Available for Walk to School Day
07/16/2013 - Take the Pledge to Rethink Your Drink: Go H2O
05/30/2013 - Bike Commute Challenge Bigger Than Ever
04/24/2013 - Shasta County Schools to Celebrate Bike to School Day
03/05/2013 - Helmets and Training Available for Bike to School Day
02/27/2013 - New Women on Wheels Series
01/16/2013 - Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts Continue to Climb in Redding
01/15/2013 - Funding Awarded to Improve School Meals and Cafeteria Atmospheres
01/07/2013 - School Food Service Staff Receive Smarter Lunchrooms Training
12/12/2012 - A Fun Way to Get to School: Cypress Students Use Walking School Bus
10/04/2012 - "Designing Healthy Communities" Rebroadcast on Local TV
09/26/2012 - Kid's Bike Weekend October 6 & 7
09/25/2012 - Shasta County Schools to Celebrate Walk to School Day
09/04/2012 - League of American Bicyclists' Trainings Coming to the Northstate
06/04/2012 - Take the Pledge to Rethink Your Drink: Go H2O
05/25/2012 - 2012 Bike Commute Challenge Boasts Record Numbers
05/10/2012 - Free Documenarty Series Brings Attention to Obesity Epidemic
04/25/2012 - Shasta County Schools to Celebrate First Bike to School Day
04/04/2012 - Helmets and Training Available for Bike to School Day
01/12/2012 - Safe Routes to School Conference Features Dan Kupsky
01/11/2012 - Two Safe Routes to School Workshops in January
01/09/2012 - Ribbon Cutting and Sidewalk Celebration at Lassen View Elementary
10/03/2011 - 2011 Healthy Shasta Action Heroes Announced
09/28/2011 - Shasta County Schools Celebrate Walk to School Day
07/14/2011 - Healthy Shasta Seeking Action Hero Nominations
06/01/2011 - First Annual Cycle Shasta
04/01/2011 - Bicycle Essay Contest Deadline Approaching
03/23/2011 - Free Event "Salt Shockers - Be Informed, Be Healthy"
03/03/2011 - Join the Fight Against Hunger
02/22/2011 - The Rockstar Nutritionist Performs in March
02/08/2011 - How Would a Bicycle Change Your Life?
11/30/2010 - Bicycle Parking to Meet Rising Demand
10/29/2010 - Cypress School Kitchen Celebrates Grand Opening
10/05/2010 - Local Action Heroes Announced!
07/06/2010 - Healthy Shasta Seeking Action Hero Nominations
06/21/2010 - Local Restaurants Now Offering a Farmers' Market Menu
06/02/2010 - Chef at the Market begins Saturday, June 5th
04/30/2010 - Healthy Shasta Promotes EBT at Redding Farmers' Market
04/26/2010 - Redding Girl Chooses Healthy Kids Choice and Wins a Bike!
04/02/2010 - Healthy Shasta Offers Free E-Newsletter
01/29/2010 - Free Workshop Offered on Keeping Kids Safe Walking to School
09/30/2009 - Burney Elementary to Celebrate Walk to School Day
09/29/2009 - Shasta Lake School to Celebrate Walk to School Day
07/24/2009 - Four Local Action Heroes Announced!
04/28/2009 - National Walking Expert Mark Fenton to offer Free Workshops
04/09/2009 - Safe Routes to School Workshop with National Expert Mark Fenton
03/17/2009 - Healthy Shasta to Recognize Action Heroes in Shasta County
10/10/2008 - Golden Shoes Show the Way to Great Local Opportunties
09/25/2008 - Healthy Shasta Announces New Features at Walk This Way
09/10/2008 - The Hunt for the Golden Shoes is on!
08/19/2008 - Schools Partner with Healthy Shasta for Seven-Year Healthy Students Initiative
06/26/2008 - Farmers Market Family Day Event Postponed
06/19/2008 - Veg Out at Farmers Market Family Day
03/11/2008 - Shasta CAN and Healthy Shasta Celebrate National Nutrition Month
03/05/2008 - Celebrate "National Nutrition Month" at Holiday Market
01/14/2008 - Supervisors Ready to 'Walk the Talk'
10/25/2007 - Community Steps Up to Help Families Take the Challenge
10/12/2007 - Challenge Yourself for Better Health & a Chance to Win a Trip to Disneyland
10/04/2007 - "Walk This Way at Burney Falls"
09/26/2007 - Public is Invited to Healthy Shasta's "Walk This Way at Turtle Bay"
06/26/2007 - Walk this Way at Farmers Market Family Day
04/30/2007 - Walk this Way with Mayor Dickerson
04/17/2007 - Mayor Dickerson Walks the Talk
02/14/2007 - Win the Food Fight and Show Your Valentine You Care
02/09/2007 - Winning the Food Fight Kick-off February 14th
12/19/2006 - Healthy Shasta Challenge & Golden Shoe Winners Announced
10/13/2006 - Two Golden Shoes Found! Four Still at Large
10/05/2006 - Join Us for the Intermountain Area's Healthy Shasta Kickoff Event
09/28/2006 - Shasta County Selected for National Health & Wellness Initiative
09/21/2006 - Join Us for Healthy Shasta's Kick-off Event "Walk this Way at Turtle Bay"
09/14/2006 - There's a New Movement Afoot to Address Childhood Obesity in Shasta County
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