Bicycle Parking Map Project

Healthy Shasta is piloting a tool to 'crowd source' bicycle parking information. You are invited to help collect photos of bicycle parking and submit it with data about each location. An interactive bicycle parking map will be created....

How you can help: 
  • Choose a geographic area to cover. Look for all the bicycle parking (bicycle racks, bicycle lockers, etc) in that area. Geographic areas needing to be covered:
    • Shasta College campus (including adding pictures for racks already on the map - do this in the same way as adding new racks)
    • Simpson University campus.
    • Any part of the Enterprise area / SE Redding (south of Dana Drive and east of I-5).
    • NE Redding (Lake Blvd and areas north of Lake Blvd, west of I-5)
    • Add photos for the bicycle racks in the Mt Shasta Mall area  and add additional locations in this retail area (Hilltop to Victor, Dana to Browning)
    • Shingletown and Lassen National Park (if any)
  • Use the mobile device app (below) to collect and submit data and photos OR take photos then upload the information from your computer.
  • If you don't want to cover a larger geographic area but know of a couple bicycle racks not yet on the map, simply add them. Please check the link below to make sure they are not already on the map.
  • If you see a bicycle rack on the map but it does not have a picture yet, please submit it with a picture as if it's a new location.
  • Simply let us know (email) what area you covered then

COLLECT AND MAP THE DATA AND PHOTOS by using this "App" (tool):
Link for collecting and submitting bicycle parking data, images and locations via smartphone or computer (ignore step one on the pdf).

Map of bicycle parking locations already collected.

DIRECTIONS (pdf) on how to collect and submit bicycle parking data and images to the map, including definitions within the app.

Thank you!

Questions? Call 229-8243

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