Create and Skate at Anderson Skateboard Park

September in Anderson

We had some outside the box physical activity in Anderson over two weekends.

On the 15th, 16 students from Anderson Middle School came out to give the Anderson Skateboard Park a clean slate. Students from their Community Service class and their teacher, Ms. Larrucea walked over from campus and spent 2 hours painting over artwork/graffiti at the park in preparation for the next day’s event, a Street Art Competition. Many of the students had never painted before and realized it involved some hard work, but it can also be fun when doing it with friends.

Saturday, September 16th was our first Street Art Competition where local artist were encouraged to come out and paint in the skate park. It was a great family event as artist brought their kids, kids who came to skate, scooter or bike drew designs that some of the artist used, and a few kids were brave enough to try spray painting. With more help from Anderson Middle Schools students we did a handprint ledge at park.

These painting projects all came about from Anderson Middle School students wanting to do a project to give back to community. We talked about the benefits of murals; make the parks more attractive, cleans-up and helps prevent graffiti, gives young artist the opportunity to create and have their work seen, as well as getting paid for doing artwork. Anderson New Tech students and staff helped create artwork on the bleachers at Volonte Park over the summer. We were fortunate to receive a grant from Community Arts Endowment Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation as well as SINTF to help make this great project happen.

Then on September 23rd we had the 11th Annual North State Skate Series at the Anderson Skate Park. We had over 200 in attendance, over 40 skaters from southern Oregon to the Bay Area, ages 5 to 55 competed for cash and prizes. This event takes place in 4 cities over 8 weeks and is made possible by some great volunteers. We always provide lots of water at these events and this weekend we provided fresh fruit…and pizza. While the skaters are used to the water and we get a thank you or two, what was great was the amount of thank yous over the fresh fruit. It was truly appreciated.

My take aways; we have some great volunteers, young and old, we have some great community partners who support our youth, we have some very talented youth that know how to create and skate and that when we give youth a chance and opportunity to be physically active and eat healthy…they will take it!

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