Mayor's Mountain Bike Challenge

The Mayor of the City of Redding welcomes you to join the Mountain Bike Challenge running from February 8th to May 19th. The beautiful and diverse backcountry trails of Redding calls for your exploration and discovery on your mountain bike. In the interest of promoting mountain biking, Brent Weaver invites you to take the “Mayor's Mountain Bike Challenge” and enjoy our trail system– from flat paved rail trails to steep and rugged single track.  Take your Mountain Bike Challenge Passport (COMING SOON) and challenge yourself in completing our Beginner, Intermediate, and/or Advanced Mountain Bike Trails. 
 Visit for details! Questions? Call 229-8456 or email Mayors MTB Challenge.

What you Win:
All contestants successfully completing a category of rides will receive a bike water bottle and stickers commemorating the event. In addition, your name will also be entered in the challenge raffle with gift certificates for each category (see below). Further, all successful candidates will be recognized on the Healthy Shasta website. There is a special prize for those that “black out” (complete all the challenge rides in all the categories on their Passport).

 Raffle Prizes:
You can only enter the raffle at one of the three categories. If you do complete more than one challenge area and don’t clearly mark on your passport which category you want to be entered in the raffle for, you will be entered in the highest category completed. The Raffle prizes will include a gift certificate redeemable at any local bike shop of your choice.

  • Beginner $500 
  • Intermediate $750 
  • Advanced $1000


Brent Weaver
City of Redding Mayor


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