Sasquatch Spotted on Redding's MTB Trails

LOOK OUT! Sasquatch has been spotted on the Redding's Trails. Starting this Friday (03/10/17), Redding Trail Alliance will post a photo of George Squatchington once a week with a hint about where he is hiding on a specific route of the Mayor’s MTB Challenge. All you need to do is find him, take a selfie, upload it to FB or Instagram and tag RTA. You will then be entered into a raffle for some sweet schwag (Details coming soon).

Remember: He only stays in a spot for 1 week. So you have multiple opportunities to find him, upload a photo, and get another entry into the raffle with each new location! This is a great opportunity for comradery - for example if you're a beginner, hook up with your more advanced spouse, friend, or coworker and try to find Squatch on one of the intermediate rides you normally wouldn't do on your own. You don't have to ride the whole loop, just get to where George is and if you come up on a section of trail you're not comfortable riding, there is absolutely no shame in walking your bike.

The goal is to encourage one another, gain familiarity with Redding’s growing trail system, and most importantly HAVE FUN! So spread the word and share the trail love!
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