Active NorCal Will Inspire You To Do More

Active Norcal was founded in the summer of 2013 with the single goal to combine sports, fitness, recreation and the outdoors of California's north valley into an all-inclusive magazine. They tell the stories of athletes and teams in our area along with the great activities our outdoor surroundings offer its residents. From youth football to hiking the peaks of our local mountains, Active Norcal will bring you all the stories from your favorite pastimes in our active community. They are not a news magazine. They tell the stories about the lives and adventures of our community. They cover the active lives of the north valley from Chico to Yreka. If they can bring the North State community a little bit closer through our shared passions of local activities, their goal will be accomplished.

Visit Active Norcal today to find your next adventure and find the passion that so many of us share!

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