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Walktober Challenge

2018 Walktober Results:

For the full 2018 Walktober results, click here.

Prize Winners:

  1. Fit Bit (Business and Support- Deborah B.)
  2. YMCA Personal Trainer 1-hour Session (Cascade Clerical HHSA- Ebba W.)
  3. YMCA Personal Trainer 1-hour Session (California Department of Fish and Wildlife- Sydney F.)
  4. YMCA Personal Trainer 1-hour Session (City of Redding- Joan T.)
  5. Red Bicycle Catering Family Dinner to Go (Central Valley Regional Water Quaility Control Board- Gretchen W.)
  6. Red Bicycle Catering Family Dinner to Go (At the Helm Armory- Johnathan N.)
  7. Win River One Night Stay  in Chair Suite + $50 Dinning Gift Card +$50 Mini Mart Gift Card + $50 Spa Gift Card +Free Ultimate Car Wash (Shasta Head Start – Lilla T.)

*Winners please contact on how to pick up your prize. Contact 229-8456

The challenge ran the entire month of October. Tracking steps, similar to a pedometer challenge except you can convert your physical activity (bicycling, kayaking, etc.)  into steps using our activity convertor.

See below for more information and tools. For questions, contact

2018 Walktober Challenge Information:

Basic Info

Tracking Sheet

How do I join?

In order to participate, teams will need to designate a team leader who will notify us by email that your workplace will be participating.  The team captain will receive weekly updates that can be shared with their team. At the end of the challenge, the team captain will email your workplace’s final tallies of steps using one of the Walktober Tally Sheets.

*Winning organization is based on total steps divided by total participants.

Who can participate?

All workplaces are invited to join. Workplaces can also invite their family and friends to join their team if they do not have a workplace team of their own. Individuals who are not associated with a workplace can also form a non-work related team (we recommend teams having at least 5 participants).

What does the winning team receive?

The winning workplaces will receive our traveling Walktober trophy (currently held by Redding Rancheria and Shasta Mosquito Vector Control District) along with a Bike Blender Smoothie Party  provided by Healthy Shasta.

Will there be prizes for participating?

Yes, you can count on prizes again this year! All individuals who participate will be entered into a free drawing where winners will be randomly selected.

  1. Fit Bit
  2. YMCA Personal Trainer 1-hour Session
  3. YMCA Personal Trainer 1-hour Session
  4. YMCA Personal Trainer 1-hour Session
  5. Red Bicycle Catering Family Dinner to Go
  6. Red Bicycle Catering Family Dinner to Go
  7. Win River One Night Stay  in Chair Suite + $50 Dinning Gift Card +$50 Mini Mart Gift Card + $50 Spa Gift Card +Free Ultimate Car Wash

Current 2018 Walktober Participants:

  • Shasta County HHSA Public Health
  • Redding Rancheria
  • Shasta Community Health Center
  • Shasta County Office of Education
  • Shasta Head Start
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Office of the Director Shasta County
  • Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control District
  • Tree of Life International Charter School
  • Caltrans
  • Shasta County Sheriff’s Office
  • First 5 Shasta
  • The McConnell Foundation
  • At the Helm Armory
  • United Shasta
  • Business and Support HHSA
  • Shasta Regional Transportation Agency
  • Shasta Family YMCA
  • Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • Shasta County Veterans Service Office
  • Redding City Hall
  • CalWORKS
  • California Children’s Services
  • Enterprise Elementary School Transportation Department
  • Redding Police Records
  • Redding Electric Utility
  • City of Shasta Lake
  • City of Redding Risk Management
  • Turtle Bay Exploration Park
  • City of Redding and Managers Office
  • Empire Outpatient Service
  • Regional Services Branch HHSA
  • Opportunity Center Shasta County
  • North Cottonwood YMCA Preschool

Don’t see your workplace? Let us know!

2017 Walktober Results:

Redding Rancheria took 1st place in our large workplace category followed by Shasta Community Health Center and Shasta Head Start. Shasta Mosquito Vector Control District took 1st  in our small workplace category followed by Shasta Union High School District and WIC/NFP.

Together, 29 workplaces totaling 686 participants took 187,931,602 steps (that is enough steps to walk across the earth over 3.5 times)…

The winning workplaces, Redding Rancheria and Shasta Mosquito Vector Control District received a traveling trophy to hold until our 2018 years challenge. Both workplaces received a special treat with the Healthy Shasta Bike Blender coming to their workplace and providing their Walktober participants with smoothies!

6 individual prizes were given out. The prizes were as following:

  • $50 gift card to Urban Retreat
  • YMCA Personal Trainer Session
  • Whiskeytown/Lassen National Park Pass
  • Fit Bit Flex
  • Shasta Caverns Adult Year Pass
  • Headwaters Adventure Kayak Rental

Walktober Bonus Challenge

Take the “Become the Best You” Challenge

“We are all born with an innate desire to become better. Then life happens. The list of things we’d like to do better is very long, and we have so much going on that we settle for merely good enough. As we struggle to keep up with life, we tell ourselves that we are doing the best we can. In reality, we become stagnant, always striving for more but progressing toward better at a very slow rate- mildly disappointed that we are not fulfilling our inner desire to progress.”- Tad Mitchell

Make building positive habits fun with these 5 Bonus Challenges brought to you by Well Right.

Walktober Bonus Challenge

Walking Guides

Stay Active Resources

Find Places to Walk and People to Walk With

Local Activities

Healthy Shasta aims to encourage people to walk more for both transportation and recreation while working behind the scenes to support the creation of environments that make walking easier, safer and more convenient for transportation and recreation.

Did you know you can meet physical activity recommendations for better health by walking briskly for 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week? These bouts of physical activity can be broken into 10 minutes segments – such as walking during your break at work or walking 15 minutes of your commute each workday.

For more information contact Cameron at 530-229-8456.