Walk to School Day, October 2

The 23rd Annual International Walk to School Day is on October 2, 2019. Walk to School Day is a day when communities from all over the globe come together to celebrate a child’s active and safe trip to school. Participating schools can request safety equipment, technical support, and a tool kit with information on how to safely and effectively implement Walk to School Day and on-going walking programs, such as walking school buses (supervised groups of students walking to school). Last year, Shasta County had 15 schools participate with over 1,900 walkers!

Apply here: Application W2S 2019

Walk to School Day Goals:
• Encourage children to walk to and from school (from home or a local gathering place)
• Increase awareness of the importance of regular physical activity
• Mobilize schools and neighbors to work together to make the streets more pedestrian and bike friendly

Walk to School Day Benefits:
• Increased levels of daily physical activity
• Friendlier neighborhoods as people get out and interact with one another
• Safer streets and neighborhoods
• Fewer cars traveling through the neighborhood
• Less traffic at school pick-up and drop-off points
• Improved air quality reducing the risk of respiratory problems

For more information on Walk to School Day, visit www.walkbiketoschool.org or contact 245-6583