What is the Shasta Bike Challenge?

May is National Bike Month was started by The League of American Bicyclists in 1956 and is celebrated each year by cities across the country. Every year since the early 2000s, the Shasta Bike Month Workgroup hosts and coordinates the Shasta Bike Challenge from May 1-31 for anyone who lives or works in Shasta County. This was once done by paper and pen, but now is done through the Love to Ride platform. The challenge encourages everyone in the community, whether a beginner, occasional, or regular rider to create a team, hop on a bicycle, and ride more during May. Taking more trips by bicycle and encouraging others to join the challenge increases your chances of winning prizes in an end-of-the month drawing. Through the challenge, bike-related events, and community rides, you’ll experience the many benefits of bicycling, build community, and gain the skills and confidence to ride more often throughout the year.


How to take part in the Challenge?

  Download the Love to Ride App and opt in to the challenge. You can also log your rides with Strava, MapMyRide, or manually log your rides on the Love to Ride Website.

  Create a workplace team and encourage your colleagues to join you. You can also create a group of friends, family, teammates, etc. Schools, universities, and those who have retired are welcome to join!

  Ride anywhere, any time during May. Whether it’s to work, the store, or a leisurely spin, every ride counts in the challenge.

  Log your rides on an app or website to earn points. More rides=more points. More points=more chances to win prizes.


1 point earned for every mile you ride.

10 points earned for every day you ride.

Encourage others to join in to earn even more points.

50 points earned for encouraging a regular rider.

100 points earned for encouraging a beginner rider.


    If using the Love to Ride App, rate your routes on the app to help improve routes in Shasta County.

What’s new this year?

Be a citizen scientist by Making Every Ride Count! The #MakeEveryRideCount initiative aims to champion bike riding while harnessing the pedal-power of bike riders to make biking better for everyone in Shasta County.

By downloading the Love to Ride app, enjoying bike rides, and rating your route on how comfortable it was for you after each ride, you’ll contribute anonymous data that can make our community better for bicycling! See how this is possible by watching this 2.5-minute video from Love to Ride.



Shasta Bike Month Community Events & Rides

See the full list of events and rides HERE.

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Shasta Bike Month and Challenge

Looking for someone to ride with?

Check out one of these local organizations who would love to ride with you.
Shasta Wheelmen
Shasta Living Streets
Redding Trail Alliance
Local Recreation Opportunities

Not sure where to ride? We got you covered. Check out the Local Map Listings for a list of local trails.
Looking for a Mountain Bike trail to ride with a full map description? Check out the Bigfoot Adventure Challenge routes and maps.


“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.”