Team Captains

Team up for the Bike Month Challenge!

Interested in being a Team Captain? Here is all the information you need to know.

Your team can be formed of your friends, family, co-workers, riding club, dance class, book group- you name it! They just need to live and/or work in Shasta County. Teams consist of up to ten people and you can ride anywhere, any time in May.

The Bike Month Challenge isn’t about how far you ride, it is about having a fantastic time and helping others to discover the joys of riding!

Join us on Monday, April 18th for a virtual bike challenge orientation! This lunch hour training (30 minutes of info & 30 minutes Q & A) will cover how to sign up, how to motivate co-workers/employees to participate and ride for transportation, tips on earning points for the Bike Month Challenge (your team could win a bike rack!) and upcoming events. Register here! 

Click on the images below for a quick run through of the Shasta Bike Month Challenge 2022.

Print out the Shasta Bike Month promotion material to put at your workplace, organization, business, or send to your teammates!

Love to Ride has put together a Team Captain Promo Pack to make it easy for you to communicate with your team.

Don’t forget to refer your team to the website so they can understand all there is to know about the challenge- How to register, how to connect to Strava, and all of the information on May 2022 events and community rides!