Past Winners

Past Shasta Bike Challenges

The 2019 Shasta Bike Challenge was another year for the record books. With the local challenge lasting the entire month of May, 786 local riders pedaled out enough miles to cross the United States over 40 times…that’s 115,928 miles… Shasta County was ranked #2 Nationally at the end of May for its population size, and 4th overall in the National Bike Challenge, beating out much larger communities. Shasta County was the 3rd largest participant in the National Bike Challenge during bike month.

Calfire smoked the competition for large workplaces with 97 riders racking in 11,766 miles. They almost seem unbeatable. However, Caltrans also paved a new path of victory with their team taking 2nd place with their 57 riders beating out one of the strongest teams in the challenge, the City of Redding, who had 75 riders. The Central Valley Water Board went for the gold and took 1st place for medium workplaces from the Shasta Mosquito Vector Control District, another power cycling team who has been the top contender every year. Not far behind and sitting comfortably in 3rd was workplace Nicholos, Melburg, & Rossetto. For our small workplaces, Lawrence & Associates swooped in for 1st in small workplaces with HHSA Office of the Director tailing right behind. Shasta Regional Transportation Agency followed in 3rd.

With no surprise, the Shasta Wheelmen had 18,763 miles (the most of any team in the challenge), sending them right to the top with 1st place for large teams. Chained Ganged Together for Small Businesses was not too far behind with their 71 riders taking in 2nd place followed by Shasta Uncorked for 3rd. Heather Saiki Health Insurance Services, a new contender to the challenge took home 1st place for medium sized teams followed closely by Ride Redding, and the elevation hungry Redding Composite/Shasta High School Mountain Bike team. For schools, Grant School Cougars & Friends left others in the dust with a 1st place victory followed by Foothill High School and Shasta College.

The 2018 Shasta Bike Challenge was the biggest the county has seen with huge triumphs and momentum that will carry on well into the future. With the challenge lasting the entire month of May, 1,009 local riders, including 63 teams, cranked out enough miles to loop around the world over 6 times (158,088 miles to be exact). Nearly two-thousand of these miles were transportation trips to work. On average, 356 cyclists a day took to the streets and trails and logged a trip. Shasta County as a community was ranked #2 Nationally at the end of May, beating much larger areas across the nation. Shasta County was the 3rd largest participant in the Nation and made up for over 20% of the cyclists in California participating in the National Bike Challenge.

Cal Fire set its eyes on beating last year’s Shasta Bike Challenge champions, City of Redding. With strong support, Cal Fire recruited 140 participants and biked 16,425 miles in May giving them 1st overall in the local bike challenge. Grant School joined the bike challenge for the first time and rode over 1,000 miles making them the top school in our area. The Chain Gang Bike Shop and other small businesses teamed up this year and took 1st place in teams with over 17,042 miles pedaled by 87 participants. Right behind them was the Shasta Wheelmen, a well-known and popular bicycling club in the local area. The Shasta Wheelmen biked their way to the top in miles with a staggering 26,011 miles cycled by 55 riders, that’s 472 miles on average per participant. Shasta Wheelmen also had multiple cyclists who were top individual riders in the National Bike Challenge.

The 2017 Shasta Bike Challenge showed some of the strongest competition with the highest miles, most trips, and longest rides. With the challenge lasting the entire month of May, 400 local riders cranked out enough miles to loop around the world over 3 times (that’s 80,608 miles). On average, 152 cyclists a day took to the streets and trails and logged a trip. Shasta County made its presence well known as it ranked in the top 25 for advocacy challenges on the National Bike Challenge during Bike Month. Redding as a city held the title of #1 in California and #2 in the Nation.

This year the City of Redding went head to head with Calfire and was able to bike its way to 1st place during the last day of the challenge. With strong support, the City of Redding recruited 87 cyclists, that’s over 20% of the individuals who participated in the bike challenge. Shasta High School’s team kept its momentum this year by placing 1st in schools and ranking 6th in the National Bike Challenge during the month of May. Shasta High School has been the #1 school in the local challenge for the past few years and has ranked as one of the top schools in the Nation for three consecutive years for the month of May. Ride Redding made its mark in the challenge with 113 riders joining their team which made them a top contender not only in our local challenge but in the National Challenge. Ride Redding ranked in the top 10 for teams in the National Bike Challenge in May.

The 2016 Shasta Bike Challenge exceeded all expectations with 460 local riders bicycling enough miles to loop around the world nearly 2.5 times (equivalent to 60,463 miles) in only 3 weeks! On average, 171 cyclists a day took to the streets and trails in our community and logged a trip in the local challenge. Shasta County made its presence well known in the nation as it ranked top 5 on the National Bike Challenge during the 21 day local challenge. The average rider mileage per day was 16.8 miles between May 1st-21st.

This year Cal Fire took 1st for workplaces, Shasta High School took 1st for schools, and Shasta Wheelmen took 1st for teams.

The 2015 Shasta Bike Challenge was fierce as workplace and school based teams jumped on their bikes and pedaled local streets and trails, earning points for their teams.  This was the first year the Shasta Bike Challenge included recreational riding (in past years people had to bicycle for transportation to take part) and also became part of the National Bike Challenge. With 441 participants and 33 teams, 1,962 trips were logged. In total, participants in Shasta County bicycled a combined 59,964 miles and burned an estimated 2.9 million calories between May 1st and 17th. Participants rode 13,871 miles specifically for transportation, saving money on fuel, reducing traffic, and preventing approximately 7,837 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the air. The top workplace team was Cal Fire Smoke Chasers and the top school team was Shasta High School.

The 2014 Shasta Bike Challenge was bigger than ever with 562 participants riding a combined 27,766 miles between May 3 and 18. Those miles prevented approximately 25,683 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and 361 pounds of other pollutants from being released into the air. Participants saved nearly $5,262 by not using 1,322 gallons of fuel. Not only were fewer cars on the road for the 2,474 trips participants took by bike rather than driving, but bicycle commuters also got energized, burned calories, and enjoyed being on a bicycle instead of behind the wheel. The top team was Cal Fire Smoke Chasers (top overall and top score among large worksites), followed by Owens Healthcare (top score among medium worksites). Living the Dream (Sports LTD) placed first among small worksites and RSA Foxes (Redding School of the Arts) placed first among school teams.

With 49 teams and 477 participants logging bicycle trips, the 2013 Shasta Bike Challenge was larger than ever! All together 21,563 miles were ridden May 5 to 18, resulting in 19,946 pounds of C02 and 280 pounds of other pollutants not being released from motor vehicles, saving approximately 1,027 gallons of gas (assuming average 21 mpg), and $3,994 dollars at the pump. Of the 2,094 bicycle trips logged, 56% were trips to work, 8% were trips to school, and 36% were errands. The top scoring teams in 2013 included Living the Dream (Sports LTD – medium employer), Mercy Medical Monstrous Miles (large employer), California Department of Drinking Water (small employer) and RSA Foxes (school).

The 2012 Shasta Bike Challenge was more competitive than ever! Thirty-four teams registered for the Bike Commute Challenge, plus individual participants, riding 13,030 miles over the seven-day period (compared to 250 riders logging 6,398 miles in 2011). Those numbers saved approximately 12,053 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and 169 pounds of other pollutants from release. Participants saved $2,538 by not using 620 gallons of fuel (assuming $4.09 per gallon and 21 mpg). Not only were fewer cars on the road as participants took to pedaling rather than driving, but bike commuters also got exercise, reduced stress levels and enjoyed being on a bicycle instead of at the wheel.

In 2011, over 250 participants rode over 6,398 miles to work or errands in the challenge, preventing the release of 5,918 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and saving $1,250 on fuel. Jeff Worthington and Debbie Hare won the grand prize in the drawing (the more often you ride the greater the chance of winning!) The top performing team was City of Redding.

In 2010, 152 participants representing 25 teams rode 3,065 miles, prevented the release of 2,835 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, 40 pounds of other air pollutants, 145 gallons of fuel and saved $436.40 on fuel (at $2.99/gallon) all while commuting by bike! Shasta College had the top performing team.

Bicycle Friendly Employer of the Year

In 2017, the Redding Rancheria was named the Bicycle Friendly Business of the Year.This award was offered by Healthy Shasta, Redding Chamber of Commerce, and Shasta Living Streets for excellence in making it safe, convenient and inviting for their employees, customers and the community to bicycle more often.

Just a few examples of what Redding Rancheria does include:

Make bicycling easier and more convenient. They offer bicycles for employees to use for free during breaks, after work or even on the weekend. They have showers, fresh towels, and lockers rooms at several locations that employees (and patients of their downtown clinic) who commute by bike may use. They offer bicycle parking at all their locations.

Encourage people to try bicycling. They encourage employees to participate in activities such as the Shasta Bike Challenge by offering small group rides and providing incentives like bike jerseys to employees who give it a try.

Make it fun. Redding Rancheria added a fun twist utilizing the Mayors Mt Bike Challenge trail maps to encourage employees to get out and explore our local trails. They painted some rocks blue, placed them out of the various trails, and gave prizes to employees who got out to find a rock and take a selfie.

In 2016, Red Lion Hotel on Hilltop was named the Bicycle Friendly Business of the Year by Healthy Shasta, Redding Chamber of Commerce and Shasta Living Streets. The Red Lion offers complimentary bicycles and helmets for guests to use while exploring Redding, along with maps and guidance on where to ride. They provide bicycle parking both outdoors and indoors, including secure parking for employees. The Red Lion also supports local bike events such as the Shasta Wheelmen’s Jamboree Century Ride.

In 2015, Redding Rancheria was named the Bicycle Friendly Employer of the Year. Redding Rancheria has bicycles, helmets, and pumps available for employees to use at both their locations, to make it easy for someone to run an errand by bike or enjoy a ride during their lunch hour. They also organize rides during lunch or on weekends. Employees have some flexibility in schedules to accommodate bicycle commuting so heavy traffic times can be avoided, as well as access to bike maps, showers and fresh towels.

In 2014, Owens Healthcare was named Bicycle Friendly Employer of the Year. Over half of Owens employees logged at least one bicycle trip during the Challenge. Owens offered every employee an athletic shirt for commuting to work and all new bicycle commuters a gift certificate to a juice bar. Bike shop gift certificates were offered to the employee with the most miles and another to the employee logging the most trips in the Bike Challenge. Owens Healthcare also offers indoor secure bicycle parking, showers, groups rides, and allow a change in dress code for employees bicycle commuting to work.

In 2013, Sports LTD was named Bicycle Friendly Employer of the Year. Living the Dream (the Sports LTD Bike Challenge team) pulled a very impressive score, encouraged many people who have never ridden a bike to work to give it a try, and had a huge proportion of their employees participate! Sports LTD offered employees bicycle parking, a shower with towel service, and ‘a lot of peer pressure to participate.’ Their Bike Challenge participants were rewarded almost daily with fresh fruit and homemade baked treats.

In 2012, Caltrans pulled out all the stops and won Bicycle Friendly Employer of the Year. Not only did they have the top scoring team, the Director invited staff to participate and pledge the amount of miles they planned to ride to increase commitment. The team captain hid his bicycle around campus for staff to find each day, offered a bike commute workshop, and employees enjoyed a lunch break slow race and social ride on the River Trail. Year round, the worksite has a gated bicycle corral to securely park bikes, showers, and lockers for employees.

In 2011, Turtle Bay Exploration Park offered a bicycle clinic for employees, social rides after work, and one lucky employee won a day off work for commuting by bike! Now that’s an incentive. They also reached beyond staff and offered a free “energizer station” with refreshments for all bicycle commuters at the foot of the Sundial Bridge.

In 2010, Shasta College was named Bicycle Friendly Employer, offering indoor bicycle parking, access to showers, and lockers for employees. They also have bicycle parking around campus and bicycle route maps posted in prominent locations to support staff, students and visitors in commuting by bike.

Past Shasta Bike Challenge Winners

Everyone who participates in the Shasta Bike Challenge is a winner because the benefits to health, fitness, quality of life, and air quality are huge!