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Walktober 2020 Wrap Up

Walktober annual walking challenge was a huge success!  Many individuals won prizes for taking on extra challenges like walking a specific trail and just for being out there walking! Team captains earned socks for coordinating and motivating their team. If you were a team captain, contact Redding Recreation to pick up your socks at 225-4095.

Stay tuned for the next challenge, the Healthy Shasta Passport launching January 1st, 2021!

Walk to School 2020

This year students and their families were encouraged to walk throughout the month of October and track their steps. Students from 8 schools throughout Shasta County participated and6 students from 2 schools won Fitbits!

Why Walk to School?



Healthy Shasta aims to encourage people to walk and bike more for both transportation and recreation while working behind the scenes to support the creation of environments that make bicycling and walking easier, safer and more convenient for transportation and recreation.

Did you know you can meet physical activity recommendations for better health by walking briskly for 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week? These bouts of physical activity can be broken into 10 minutes segments – such as walking during your break at work or walking 15 minutes of your commute each workday.

Shasta Walks 2020Your Year

This is your year to set the pace and get moving for a happy, healthy life with Shasta Walks 2020. Explore our local trails and track your steps and join fun walking challenges throughout the year using the Walker Tracker app.

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Pacific Crest Trail Challenge

The Pacific Crest Trail walking challenge wraps up on September 30th. Thank you to over 300 Shasta residents for participating in the full trek from the Mexico-U.S. border to the Canada-U.S border. All finishers win a prize! Watch for an email from Shasta Walks Walker Tracker to find out how to claim your prize. Ready for another challenge? Stay tuned for Walktober! Walker Tracker will again be used track your progress.

Local Challenges with Prizes

Several shorter challenges will be launched with community partners throughout the year and prizes will be awarded to those who meet their personal step goals. Challenges will be posted here and announced through social media.

Walk with an Expert

These fun walking adventures highlighting our local area and health are postponed at this time.

Healthy Shasta Walks Passport

The Walks Passport will be back! Stay tuned for the release after Walktober 2020!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Healthy Shasta Walks Passport 2019 Challenge! Find the results here Healthy Shasta Walks Passport Results

Walktober Challenge

Find the 2019 results here Walktober Challenge Results

Local Walking Guides

Find Places to Walk and People to Walk With

Starting a Walking Program

Are you interested in starting a walking program? Check out this video to learn more.

Find out more about Creating More Walkable Communities.