Healthy Shasta Walks

Healthy Shasta aims to encourage people to walk and bike more for both transportation and recreation while working behind the scenes to support the creation of environments that make bicycling and walking easier, safer and more convenient for transportation and recreation.

Community Walking Resources

Check out this new series of Downtown Redding Walking Maps. The four different maps provide themed points of interest to explore in Downtown. This project was in collaboration with Healthy Shasta, Viva Downtown Redding, the City of Redding, and Visit Redding and was funded by the Upstate California Creative Corps in 2023-2024. Tyler Brown Cifi Shuster created the maps. Walks will continue Thursdays from May 30 through June 27, 2024 at 6:30 pm from Downtown Redding. Follow us for details @HealthyShasta or Healthy Shasta.

Downtown Historical Map

Mural Map

Calaboose Creek Map

Downtown to Trails Map

Learn more about Redding Downtown Murals  – a work in progress!

Healthy Shasta Walks Passport – Walking Inspiration for Anytime

Do you have a goal to be more active in 2024?

The Walks Passport is a way to make something we do everyday fun and provides an opportunity to explore more of our community.

Click here to download and print a copy: Healthy Shasta 2024 Walks Passport

Find Places to Walk and People to Walk With

Local Walking Guides

Walking in nature also provides a way to reduce and manage the stress of daily life.

Share Your Story: Shape Our Streets!

We want your feedback on where to improve bikeways, sidewalks, and crossings. Help us make roadways safer for all users in Shasta County. Share your experiences about transportation crashes, near-misses, general hazards, and safe locations you travel. Simply go to Street Story, which is an easy to use online tool to share your story on an interactive map. Your comments will be used by local  agencies to help plan, develop, and improve local transportation projects for safer access for walking, biking, and transit. Thank you for contributing!

Add Your Story Here

Why Walk?

Did you know you can meet physical activity recommendations for better health by walking briskly for 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week? These bouts of physical activity can be broken into 10 minutes segments – such as walking during your break at work or walking 15 minutes of your commute each workday.

Starting a Walking Program

Are you interested in starting a walking program? Check out this video to learn more.

Find out more about Creating More Walkable Communities.

Walktober 2023 Wrap Up

Thank you to all who walked for the Walktober Challenge 2023!  We had outstanding turnout for this month-long challenge!


The grand prize award for the team with the highest daily average steps went to “Chaffing the Dream!” This team of 4 “super competitive” friends walked an impressive 23,067 average steps/day, and a total of 2,860,304 steps. They are donating the $500 charity donation prize to the Redding Trail Alliance.

The second $500 prize winner was randomly drawn from teams that walked over 6,000 average steps/day and went to “Walking on Sunshine Take 2.” Their team is “a group of friends with a passion for staying active and giving back to our community.” They are donating the $500 charity donation prize to Mercy Foundation North.

We had 1,199 participants on 145 teams and 92 teams met the Walktober Challenge goal of averaging 6,000+ steps/day.  Together, we walked 247,281,211 steps or (93,477 miles).  The largest organized team was EESD Family from Enterprise School District with 71 participants.  The most steps for an individual user came from “MaYira” who finished with 1,199,096 steps!  The most improved user was “v-ron” who improved their avg daily steps in the last week of Walktober by 2,340% over the first week.

Several prizes were awarded throughout the month just for walking and for meeting individual goals. If you were notified of a prize award and haven’t picked it up yet, please reach out here to arrange for pick up.


We want to hear about your experience with Walktober!  Where did you walk?  Did it have an impact on your mind and body?  Did you make new friends?  Please take our brief survey to help us understand what Walktober was like for you.  It should only take about 5 minutes and it will help us understand the value of this challenge and what to change or continue in the coming years.