Healthy Shasta supports making the healthy choice the easy choice.

More than 60% of adults work and many spend 2,000 or more hours a year at work. More than half of health care costs are lifestyle related, which means they are largely preventable. Worksite wellness fosters a supportive work environment that encourages healthy lifestyle choices.

There is no perfect type of worksite wellness program.

Each company is unique in its needs and must create a program that benefits both the employer and employees. However, the most successful programs have similar components.

  • Health education
  • Supportive social and physical environments
  • Integration of the wellness program into the organizational structure
  • Linkage to related programs
  • Worksite health screening programs
  • Supportive individual behavior change with follow-up interventions
  • Evaluation

While it is ideal to for businesses to develop a comprehensive program, this goal may not be realistic. That’s okay. Employers can start with just one or two of the components that comprise a comprehensive program. The worksite wellness pages listed at left offer tools and resources for enhancing physical activity and nutrition at the worksite. Contact our Worksite Wellness Coordinator at 229-8456 or for questions.