Shape the Work of Healthy Shasta

You can shape the work we do in your community!  Healthy Shasta is looking to learn from communities in Shasta County about how we can help improve your access to healthy choices for food, physical activity, and meaningful connections.  We want to learn about the dreams you have for your neighborhood that will support your health goals.  Our hope is to hold a small group activity between you and a couple of your neighbors to create a vision for your neighborhood.  We want to use that vision and share it with our community partners so that we can plan our work with an understanding of what you really want in the neighborhood you live in!

The neighborhoods we want to focus on are in four important regions of our County:

  • North/Northeast of Lake Shasta (Lakehead, Oak Run, Round Mountain)
  • Shasta Lake City/Buckeye
  • Enterprise area of Redding
  • Southern Shasta County (Anderson and Cottonwood)

If you live in one of these neighborhoods and would like to participate in a 2-hour, small group, please share your contact info and availability with us here or call us at 530-245-6583.  For Spanish-speaking community members, please share your contact info here or call us at 530-229-8456.

If you are selected to participate in one of these small groups, a catered meal and childcare for kids aged 2 and older will be provided at the event.  As a thank you for your time, we will also be providing small group participants with a gift card to a local grocery store, once the 2-hour event has ended.