BLM Trail Hike Saturday, January 21

Trail 58 – BLM Trail

Saturday, January 21

This will be an easy, fairly level four mile roundtrip hike on this new trail above Middle Creek on a north facing hillside.  The trail provides an easy lesson in importance of aspect on plant communities as across the Middle Creek canyon on a south facing slope, gray pines and white manzanita dominate while we will be walking under black oak, interior live oak and scattered gray pines.  Featured plant of the trail will be Nested Polypody (Polypodium calirhiza).  The name polypody and the genus polypodium refers to the ability of plants, especially ferns, to sometimes double, triple or more their chromosomes and form new species.  This plant has 148 (2n) chromosomes.  Closely related licorice fern has 74 (2n) chromosomes.  Dogs on leash okay.  Meet at Hwy. 299W and Iron Mt. Mine Road at 9 am. For more information call David Ledger at 355-8542.

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